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Düsseldorf Mannesmannufer BKR Transaktionspartner
Partner-led Globally Connected

The M&A Boutique at the Heart of the German Mittelstand

Our Promise

We accompany and advise you in the purchase and sale of companies as caring specialists and dependable sparring partners. We literally get in the ring alongside you.

From initial contact to closing and beyond, we are trustworthy, honest, and at eye level.

Personality Counts. Everything Else is Craftsmanship.

From decades of M&A industry experience, we know that companies are only of secondary importance. People always come first. This attitude is the base of our entire consulting approach: individual, personal, and with great sensitivity and foresight. Because the key to success is always respectful human interaction, never just facts and figures.

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Senior Partner Consultation from Start to Closing

Do you have trouble remembering people's names? That's fine, because with us, your consultant will always stay with you. We are available to you 24/7 and manage your mandate with confidence, trust, and discretion from the first meeting to the transaction. We place a high value on a collaborative work environment and open process management.

Your Key to the German Mittelstand

Our work depends on us being close. That’s why we speak not just the language of small and medium-sized companies, but the exact language of the entrepreneur across the table. This is the only way to ensure maximum strategy and objective clarity on both sides - and thus the best conditions for successful transactions.

Over 60 Years of Combined M&A Experience

BKR is the continuation of more than 20 years of successful teamwork in which we have led many national and international deals.

We're Fluent in Nuance

Protecting your interests is paramount. Still, as objective and fair moderators, we consider the viewpoints and interests of all parties involved. Because only when each individual - including all partners on both sides - feels understood and valued can the transaction be successful.


Big Goals Require High Demands

We are your knowledgeable consulting partner for all company acquisition and sale transactions.

Sell-Side Advice

We search for and find the best national and international buyers for your company - competently, confidentially, and always with the best possible purchase price in mind. We take a holistic approach to consulting and provide personalized support from the first meeting right up to the notarization.

Buy-Side Advice

We use our keen nose for hidden champions to find national and international companies that meet your strategic goals. We initiate confidential discussions on your behalf and manage the entire acquisition process, from the initial valuation phase to closing the transaction.



Let’s Make Yours a Common Cause

BKR Transaktionspartner
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Düsseldorf Mannesmannufer BKR Transaktionspartner